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Sporting integrity at its best

@Errapolis It only let me put up half my rant wee line appeared cross bottom of page.

Rant Continued

The money goes into the pot &t distributed amongst 42 clubs, why should PremDiv clubs get a cut?

The SFA & that F*nny Regan, are they not the Governing Body? The playoffs debacle should have been avoided, why because the SFA should be making sure that all games kick off at the same time if its the last league game of the season. Because the SFA don't know what sporting integrity is.

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Robbie Winters scored twice yesterday

he got old

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Italy v Engerlund

Italy v Engerlund, play tonight looking forward tae hopefully seeing Engerlund getting pumped. MON ITALY!

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Football clubs could lose crests

My family crest is like an England flag. And the tartan isn't much better - that's just red and white.

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Well that was me less than a week

And that's me ready to take it back TBM ... at haem, relaxing, pain meds up and really hard to believe literally one week ago, I was laid out with heart and spleen hanging out!

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Won't make them spammy at all.

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The OnlyAnExcuse Predictor League, run by the one and only Wee Gussie.
This Weekends predictor?

Nice one Stu:smiley:

ditch it this week mate,

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Simpsons Memory Box Appeal events and updates
Kiltwalk: complete!

Aye, seems to be. From Hampden the rain was pretty bad, though lighter as we went and was pretty much gone by the transport museum (first 5-6 miles).

Couple of pics from the start/Clydebank


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