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Rangers FC EGM date set

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Would you support alcohol being sold at Scottish football games?

Dam @Kaffo yee've found out. Here's me in ma new kilt

union jack kilt1.jpg

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Danny Lennon Scotland Under 21's manager

Danny Lennon has been appointed temporary manager of Scotland's under 21 squad, and the former St Mirren manager will be in charge for the game against Hungary next month.

The position is his "pending the recruitment of a new Performance Director" and he starts the job this week.

“I am proud to have been given this opportunity to look after the under-21 squad for their match against Hungary," said Lennon.

“I am also looking forward to working with some of the brightest young Scottish footballers. I greatly appreciate the recognition this offer brings from the Scottish FA and allows me an opportunity to add this exciting new challenge to my established club experience.”

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Celtic vs Inter Milan - Europa League

There is a ned culture following football, these wee cnuts need stopping before they ruin the game for others

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Paracord Bracelet

Yes, any team national/club and any sport mate

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New section - the return of the bloggy bit

Yeah that all sounds reasonable enough, i'll continue my Scotland ones, as I told you earlier I have a couple of blogs in the process of being written. The Old Firm one may not see the light of day as it is an old subject, I want to do one on Stan Collymore but not sure as yet if I want to go down that road. I should get the other 1 finished tonight/tomorrow as i'm not doing anything for a few days now.

PS passed my programming exam, only got one more to do.

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The OnlyAnExcuse Predictor League, run by the one and only Wee Gussie.
SPFL Premiership Predictor League Table 2014/15

SPFL Table through 24 Feb 15
Kaffo = 123
Wee Gussie = 121
Eck = 120
tartantommy = 120
Janny = 110
paul bearer = 109
Wee Black Book = 106
chasc = 105
Stuart F = 96
JustCantGetEnough = 79
Jock = 8
Wossy = 4

edit: Hmm? Sorted now ...

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Simpsons Memory Box Appeal events and updates
Kiltwalk - minimum target reached, thank you!!!

Just checked my emails to learn there's been a couple of new donations which takes us over the £200 minimum threshold!

I'm absolutely delighted, and still two months of fundraising ahead, thank you to all who have donated so far and shared the link :)



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